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Other news

In photos: CU Boulder union workers hold walkout over ‘untenable’ pay

Unionized employees at the University of Colorado Boulder, represented by United Campus Workers of Colorado (UCW), staged a walkout and rally on Thursday afternoon. About 50 people attended the 45-minute protest, driven by concerns over “untenable wages and salaries” for graduate students, non-tenure track faculty and university staff.  The workers…

Contract settlement ensures uninterrupted healthcare access for 13,000 Boulder area UnitedHealthcare policyholders

A settlement was reached Monday between Boulder Community Health and UnitedHealthcare in a contract dispute that had threatened in-network health care coverage for more than 13,000 Boulder County policyholders. The multiyear agreement “ensures continued, uninterrupted access to Boulder Community Health’s hospital and its physicians” for those covered by UHC’s employer…

Meet downtown Boulder’s newest murals and the artists who made them

Street Wise Arts has left its mark on Boulder, curating almost 150 murals around the city since 2015. Through its flagship initiative, the annual Boulder Mural Festival, the organization provides career opportunities for artists while contributing culturally diverse and resonant murals to the community. This year, the group put on…

Boulder County officials start announcing plans to run for reelection in 2024

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty announced this week he is planning to run for reelection in 2024. Dougherty was first elected DA of the 20th Judicial District in 2018, and oversaw the county’s legal system through the Covid-19 pandemic, which prompted courts to temporarily shut down and the county…


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