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Louisville seeks to become second Colorado city to ban gas in new commercial buildings

This summer, Crested Butte became the first municipality in Colorado to ban natural gas in new buildings. Other than cooking in commercial kitchens, everything in the mountain town’s new structures must be achieved electrically. If it had been up to Ashley Stolzmann, however, Boulder’s neighbor would have taken gold. “We’ve been talking about it for […]

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In downtown Boulder, it’s hard to find a public restroom. City councilmembers are considering taking on the elusive problem.

Across Boulder’s downtown, many restrooms built for the public have been locked shut for months on end, largely due to vandalism — busted doors, clogged toilets and toppled stalls.

Of the city’s approximate 45 public restrooms, fewer than a half dozen are in the downtown area, including the Boulder Public Library. Those that are not closed for repairs are closed at night because of vandalism concerns.

As a result, a broad spectrum of Boulderites — from business owners on the Pearl Street Mall to families with young children and unhoused people sleeping in Central Park — are clamoring for more publicly accessible restrooms. But keeping them clean and safe has long eluded Boulder and cities across the country. 

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Boulder County takes first step toward building a bike path along one of its deadliest roads

Boulder County officials are moving ahead with plans to build a bike path from North Boulder to Lyons along U.S. 36, one of the county’s most popular — and dangerous — highways for cyclists.  Cyclists 4 Community, a nonprofit cycling advocacy organization based in Boulder, presented the county with a $30,000 check last week to […]

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Decades of ‘what-ifs’: The history of CU South leaves many wondering what could have been

Preface: Some 45,000 acres of protected land surrounds Boulder — open space buffering against urban sprawl. Intermingling with those 45,000 are 308 acres, just south of where US 36 leaves town, known as CU South. These acres are treated by Boulderites as open space, but they’re not. Despite being bordered by city open space, they’re […]

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Boulder used to have a live music scene where local artists could gain a foothold. Businesses are working to bring it back.

In the 1970s and 80s, Boulder was a hub for up-and-coming musicians. Tulagi, which the Fox Theatre bought nearly two decades ago, famously hosted one of The Eagles’ first shows in 1971, before the Los Angeles band released its debut album. Today, the Fox Theatre and Boulder Theater — the city’s biggest concert venues — […]

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Nuevos datos sugieren que la disparidad de suspensiones entre los estudiantes latinos de Boulder High es la mayor en BVSD

Para entender mejor las disparidades históricas entre las tasas de castigo de diferentes grupos raciales y étnicos, el Distrito Escolar del Valle de Boulder (BVSD, por sus siglas en inglés) publicó un tablero informativo que proporciona la perspectiva más detallada hasta ahora de cómo el problema se está desarrollando en cada una de sus 57 […]

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New data suggests Boulder High has BVSD’s largest suspension disparity for Latino students

In an effort to better understand longstanding racial and ethnic disparities in student punishment, the Boulder Valley School District has released a data dashboard that provides the most detailed glimpse yet into how the problem is playing out in each of its 57 schools.  The dashboard, published in August, is a response to calls from […]

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Boulder Transportation Advisory Board opposes city’s plan to reopen West Pearl to cars

The five-member Transportation Advisory Board is calling on City of Boulder officials to reconsider their plan to reopen West Pearl Street to cars.  Board members said during a meeting on Monday, Sept. 12 that allowing cars back on the two-block stretch just west of the Pearl Street Mall contradicts the city’s goals of making streets […]

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The Fifth Avenue of gear? With Arc’teryx opening downtown, Boulder approaches 50 outdoor retailers. Nearly half are on Pearl Street.

The coronavirus pandemic was devastating for many downtown Boulder businesses, but at least one sector appears to be vibrant: outdoor retailers.  The City of Boulder is home to an estimated 47 stores that sell gear, clothing and equipment to hikers, runners, bikers, skiers and other outdoor recreationists. That’s more than four times the number of […]