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After carbon-neutralizing his own life, Boulder resident is launching an organization to help other climate-conscious locals do the same

After graduating from the Naval Academy, landing planes on aircraft carriers, and flying cargo around the world in FedEx jets for almost 30 years, retirement requires a worthwhile pursuit. For Stuart Cummings, a former aerospace engineer and current Boulder resident, carbon-neutralizing his life — and helping others do the same — seems a valuable pastime. […]

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On donated land in northeast Boulder, the teaching legacy of pioneering ceramics artist Betty Woodman lives on in new building 

The legacy of ceramics artist Betty Woodman, the CU Boulder professor who died in 2018, is indelible in Boulder art circles and worldwide. Woodman was the first living woman to have a retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2006. Now, that legacy will be memorialized in an expanded Boulder […]

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Opponents of the CU South annexation want a deal with 500-year flood protection. So did everyone else in Boulder.

This November, Boulder voters will decide whether to repeal an agreement between the city and the University of Colorado that sets the terms for developing the South Boulder property known as CU South.  At stake is a flood mitigation project designed to protect about 2,300 residents who live in the South Boulder Creek floodplain.  The […]

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Boulder’s farmland is becoming desert. A solution? Look to beavers and prairie dogs.

Boulder’s semi-arid climate puts it ever at risk of becoming desert. Today, some land around town — about a thousand of Boulder’s 16,000 agricultural acres — is succumbing to that risk. Unless we intervene, acres available to local farmers could drastically decrease in the coming years and decades.  Solutions, none of them easy, range from […]

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Can A.I. help detect Boulder County’s next wildfire? We may soon find out.

Algorithms are scanning for smoke in Boulder County. Part of a six-month trial period, Boulder is seeing how three cameras, backed by artificial intelligence, can help fire districts manage their fire-prone landscapes. Made by a company called Pano AI, each camera cost $25,000. That initial investment includes the AI system, intelligence center service and hardware. […]