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Boulder is buying a home for people to live in and recover from methamphetamine addiction

Two months before the use of methamphetamines shut down the library last month, the City and County of Boulder started implementing a program to help people wean off the highly addictive stimulant that has communities scrambling for solutions. The relatively cheap and readily available drug contributes to homelessness, overdose deaths and incarceration rates. In October […]

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Golden West’s plans to close Boulder assisted living facility leaves dozens of low-income older adults scrambling for a place to live

Golden West, a Boulder-based nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing to older adults, announced last week it is closing its assisted living facility, citing financial reasons. The closure takes effect March 4.  The sudden decision to close the Mezzanine, located at 1055 Adams Circle, was made by the organization’s board of directors and announced during […]

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In the new year, Boulder plans continued removal of prairie dogs as the rodents achieve record influx

Few are ambivalent about prairie dogs. Some Boulderites are ardent fans of their removal, no matter the means. Others cheer their necessity to the food system and environment, and oppose their extraction — especially when that extraction is achieved lethally. This “complicated issue” has “torn the community in half,” Tory Poulton, Boulder’s Open Space and […]

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City of Boulder plans to increase security at public library after discovering methamphetamine use

The city is planning to fully reopen the downtown Boulder Public Library on Monday, Jan. 9, with some notable changes to bathroom access and likely security, city officials said.  The library was closed on Dec. 20 following tests showing contamination for methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant that is often smoked. The Meadows, George Reynolds and […]

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Homes that survived the Marshall Fire one year ago hid another disaster inside. Here’s what we’ve learned about this insidious urban wildfire health risk.

This article is a part of a collaboration with Boulder Reporting Lab, The Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder, KUNC public radio and The Conversation U.S. This story was originally published on The Conversation. Colleen E. Reid is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado Boulder. Joost de Gouw […]

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Internal police investigation uncovers ‘systemic failure’ in City of Boulder’s detective section

The city this week released new information about its investigation into a case of alleged misconduct involving five officers in the Boulder Police Department’s detective section, revealing a “process breakdown” that resulted in officers not investigating dozens of cases of reported crimes.  One officer in the city’s detective section was overwhelmed with his caseload, and […]

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‘I owe so much to that family’: The story behind the name change of Boulder’s Pizzeria Locale to Pizzeria Alberico

Bobby Stuckey, one of Frasca Food and Wine’s founding partners and a master sommelier, largely credits his career in Boulder to his wife Danette’s family, the Albericos. So much so, Stuckey is changing the name of his Boulder branch of Pizzeria Locale to Pizzeria Alberico, which will open in February 2023.   The pizzeria at 1730 […]