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Fred Mosqueda in his own words; Southern Arapaho elder says Boulder should amend Fort Chambers sign but leave it up

The Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 took the lives of an estimated 230 Native Americans, mostly women and children. Much has been written of late about the horror, and more are comprehending the weight of the atrocity. The anniversary was Nov. 29. Many people now know that those killed were camped, of their own volition, […]

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Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks tackles the thorny issue of e-bikes

Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks wants to allow electric bikes on certain city open space trails, a recommendation that is expected to generate a heated debate in the weeks ahead.  The city’s most recent recommendation would allow e-bikes in the eastern half of Boulder’s open space system, on the same open space trails that […]

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Map: How did your neighborhood vote for Boulder ballot measures in the 2022 election?

During the 2022 election, two local ballot measures were decided by a relatively narrow margin.  Ballot Measure 6C, which created a library district across much of Boulder County, passed 53% to 47%, according to final results published by the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder on Dec. 1. Ballot Measure 2F, which would have repealed the […]

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A boon for crops and the climate: ‘Soil Revolution’ in Boulder spreads benefits of crop diversity and no-tilling to local farmers

Agricultural land can be a powerful weapon in the fight to slow climate change, as healthy soil better captures and stores atmospheric carbon. But capturing and storing carbon isn’t the goal of most farmers and ranchers. Paying the bills is. On Tuesday Dec. 6 at Boulder’s JCC, local food producers learned that these two goals […]

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No return: The unseen toll of the Marshall Fire’s ‘standing home’ survivors

This project is a collaboration between Boulder Reporting Lab, the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado Boulder, KUNC public radio and The Conversation.  For four months, a group of master’s students at CU interviewed dozens of Marshall Fire standing home survivors, scientists, researchers, remediation professionals, government officials and others about health effects […]

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Why the Marshall Fire was bad for the health and safety of standing homes

This story is part of a collaborative journalism project between Boulder Reporting Lab, the Center for Environmental Journalism at CU Boulder and KUNC public radio, reported and led by CU Boulder graduate students. Read the main story, No return: The unseen toll of the Marshall Fire’s ‘standing home’ survivors. Karen Braverman stood on the back […]

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Hit by smoke but not flames: Why we wrote about the Marshall Fire standing home survivors

Some of the untold impacts of the Marshall Fire are coming into sharper focus with the work of seven graduate students from University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Environmental Journalism. As part of an immersive journalism course created by science journalist Hillary Rosner and Boulder Reporting Lab publisher Stacy Feldman, students Anthony Albidrez, Ali Branscombe, […]