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In rebuff to Boulder City Council, city’s Planning Board allows housing near pharmaceutical plant in East Boulder redevelopment plan

Boulder’s Planning Board on Tuesday, July 19, unanimously approved a revised plan for redeveloping the city’s commercial eastern flank, reinstating a land use change that would allow people to live near a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.  The East Boulder Subcommunity Plan, a 10-year vision for redeveloping the commercial area of the city east of Foothills Parkway, […]

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Boulder Valley School District punishes Black and Latino students at disproportionately higher rates than most Colorado districts. Parents continue calls for accountability.

Leer in español. Black and Latino parents of Boulder Valley School District students have been raising alarms for years that their children are punished more often for the same behaviors as white students. The district’s own data has consistently shown this disparity. In 2020, under mounting pressure, BVSD reformed its discipline policies to try to […]

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‘It’s never going to be done’: City forest thinning projects highlight ongoing maintenance needed to keep Boulder open space in balance and safer from fire

On the south side of the Chautauqua Auditorium, 12th Street turns into a dirt road that meanders up towards the base of Green Mountain. Called the Enchanted Mesa trail, the wide path allows groups to walk several abreast — or one dog the space to frantically sniff to the limits of its leash without tangling […]

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Amid another grim season of mass shootings, three former youth gun reform activists from Boulder reflect on why they left the movement

After a mass shooting left 19 children and two teachers dead in a Texas elementary school classroom on May 24, gun violence prevention advocates across the country began their familiar work of organizing rallies and protests to demand changes to gun laws. A little over a month later, an alleged gunman fired more than 70 […]

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One in 10 adults over 65 are victims of elder abuse nationally. What are the warning signs to look for in Boulder County — and what resources are available to help?

Boulder’s recent designation as a “Lifelong City” underscores the fact that many Boulderites can live out their post-retirement years here comfortably and fully. But regardless of the community they call home, older Americans are vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation in ways that other adult age groups are not. When it comes to combating elder […]

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Boulder City Council seeks changes to police department’s partnership with the FBI

Some Boulder city councilmembers want to amend the terms of the city’s partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which seeks to jointly investigate alleged terrorism activities in Boulder, citing concerns about police accountability. The pushback highlights the recent tension over crime and justice issues in Boulder, echoing national conversations about how communities are responding […]

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‘Fair wage fees’ are replacing traditional tips at some Boulder restaurants. Is it a more equitable payment model for restaurant workers?

When Hosea Rosenberg opened the farm-to-table concept Blackbelly on Arapahoe Avenue in 2014, a few years off of his Top Chef Season 5 win, he and his team talked long and hard about bringing the kitchen staff into the front-of-house tip pool.  But it seemed risky at the time. Because servers get tips, restaurants typically […]

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Night is no longer a respite from wildfire as the Marshall Fire showed, ‘portending things to come.’ What can be done to prepare for the next blaze?

Historically, the fall of dusk and maturation of night has subdued fire. As the sun no longer warms the earth and temperatures stabilize, winds that hitherto brought flames an endless supply of oxygen are reduced to breezes that don’t so much fan fire as periodically cause grunts and shiftings in its slumber. In recent years, […]

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Facing supply chain snarls and increased demand, Boulder food banks are having trouble keeping shelves stocked. Here’s how to help.

Boulder County food assistance programs are facing mounting shortages, as supply chain issues and increased demand make it difficult to offer a full variety of nutritious meals to residents in need. While these organizations say they will still be able to provide their services to families, and aren’t at risk of shutting down, many are […]