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Louisville Mayor Ashley Stolzmann poised to win race for Boulder County commissioner

With the final batch of votes counted in the June 28 primary election, Louisville Mayor Ashley Stolzmann has inched closer to winning the race for Boulder County commissioner, albeit by a razor-thin margin.  The latest election results, published on Thursday, July 7, show Stolzmann ahead by just 68 votes, a narrow enough victory to trigger […]

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A year later, riot on Boulder’s University Hill spurs recommendations for stricter anti-noise ordinance and other measures. Here’s what you need to know about efforts to change how the city handles code violations.

More than a year after a riot on Boulder’s University Hill damaged vehicles, led to arrests and reignited long-running tensions between local homeowners and students, a city-led working group is developing a set of recommendations to try to prevent a similar event from happening again. Among the goals, the city says, is to deal with […]

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Boulder’s plan to upgrade its aging water infrastructure system enters next phase this summer, with 63rd Street project

The post-World War II Economic Expansion, from the end of the war until the early 1970s, raised America’s Gross Domestic Product from $228 billion to just under $1.7 trillion. Also called the Golden Age of Capitalism, the period brought forth an influx of birth rates, rising consumerism, and a realization that improved infrastructure was needed […]

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‘This job changes you’: Front Range firefighters say they’re struggling with mental health, but support is still lacking

Walking through the halls of the Louisville Fire Station, it’s hard to miss the red note cards pinned on the wall. They’re adorned with drawings and words of encouragement from local children hoping to put a smile on the faces of passing first responders. “Seeing these positive affirmations, day after day, makes us feel valued, […]

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Can Boulder really get to 100% renewable electricity by 2030? Community advisory panel and utility Xcel Energy may have differing ideas about the path forward

In 2020, Boulder residents voted for a new franchise agreement with Xcel Energy, putting an end, for now, to a years-long push for “municipalization”: where the city would split from Xcel to become its own utility. With Boulder controlling its own power grid, the city could have had complete control over where its power came […]

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‘Seniors for Seniors’: Boulder’s Frasier Retirement Community launches endowment and becomes grantmaker for underserved residents

Manufactured homes damaged by fierce Marshall Fire winds in need of repair. New hearing aids and eyeglasses. Raised vegetable gardens. Access to recreation center programs. These may seem unrelated, but they’re among unmet needs for low-income seniors that a task force of Frasier Retirement Community residents hopes to help fill via a new $2.1 million […]

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City of Boulder seeks to dismiss lawsuit alleging civil rights violations under its camping ban 

The City of Boulder is defending its controversial laws allowing police to ticket homeless people who sleep in public spaces, according to court filings that seek to dismiss a civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of unhoused residents.  The lawsuit, brought by the ACLU of Colorado in May, aims to overturn the ordinances banning camping […]

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‘It was the right thing to do, so she did it’: The legacy of former Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex, who issued the country’s first same-sex marriage license in 1975, leaves lessons for today’s LGBTQ allies

When former Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex died this weekend at the age of 78, she left behind a legacy of equality that will resonate in the halls of local history and throughout the world.  But Rorex didn’t have a social revolution in mind when, having held her hard-won elected position for just a few […]

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‘Some bruises, some cuts, but it survived’: In the ashes of the Marshall Fire, recovered objects illuminate priceless memories and the intangible cost of the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history

Editor’s Note: This multimedia storytelling project is a collaboration with Colorado-based photojournalist Eli Imadali for Boulder Reporting Lab, Leigh Paterson of KUNC, and published together with NPR. A teacup and saucer. Mother’s ruby earrings. Dozens of marbles and a ceramic baby Jesus. These were some of the objects Marshall Fire survivors were able to find […]

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What does a fire resilient property look like? One Boulder County resident’s home offers a glimpse.

Howard Gordon descended from a deck over his driveway while I double-checked the emergency brake to ensure my car wouldn’t roll down the foothills and end up in Haldi Ditch beside Highway 36. “You want a cold glass of water?” Gordon asked after I mentioned the smothering 97-degree heat. “Or a soda?” Gordon’s home sits […]