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You have (specific) questions about the City of Boulder’s transportation decisions and challenges. We have answers.

There’s a lot going on at any given time on Boulder’s 300-mile street system. Arterial roadways, local streets, bikes, buses, pedestrians, cars – all the time, all at once. Naturally, conflicts and questions are bound to come up.  Whether it’s an issue with a specific street corner or confusion around project timelines, Boulder Reporting Lab […]

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‘La Niña is not letting go’: Colorado drought cycle could continue through summer and into fall

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in Fresh Water News. As warm spring winds whip the Eastern Plains, sapping soils of moisture, and the state’s reservoirs sit at below-average levels, water managers got more bad news Tuesday: This two-year drought cycle could continue through the summer and into the fall leading the state into its […]

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For those in the fight over Boulder’s CU South, Redtail Ridge referendum victory offers lessons

Voters in the City of Louisville on Tuesday passed a referendum that effectively scrapped a proposed commercial development plan known as Redtail Ridge.  While the developer plans to move ahead with a smaller development plan on the stretch of private property off Highway 36, opponents of the project celebrated the narrow victory as a win […]

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The plan to redevelop industrial East Boulder includes housing. What kind, and how much, is still up for discussion.

City of Boulder planners are almost done drafting a 20-year vision for transforming the city’s industrial eastern flank into a mix of residential neighborhoods.  The draft East Boulder Subcommunity Plan could add about 4,400 homes and apartments to the area east of the Foothills Parkway, according to city models and an analysis by consultants. The Boulder […]

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Evidence of climate change continues to mount in Boulder. Will it be enough to help prove claims in landmark legal action against fossil fuel giants?

Colorado has abundant evidence of destruction caused by the warming, more volatile climate. Wildfires, ever larger and more destructive, now happen year-round — including the ghastly Marshall Fire of late December and the much smaller fires of recent weeks. Rising temperatures have robbed flows from the Colorado River, from which Boulder and Boulder County get […]

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The NCAR Fire was a mitigation success. What can it tell us about preparing for the next disaster?

Dan Burke, director of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), didn’t expect he’d be presenting to the Board of Trustees about another wildfire just three months after the Marshall Fire destroyed more than 1,000 homes in southern Boulder County late last year. But as Burke said during Wednesday’s board meeting to discuss mitigation efforts […]

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What’s the air quality index in the Marshall Fire burn area? You can sign up for real-time alerts to find out.

Boulder County health officials worry warm and windy conditions could stir up toxic ash from the Marshall Fire, potentially posing a health risk to residents living around the burn scar and students attending nearby schools.  On days when the ash is visible in the air, Boulder County Public Health urges people to stay inside and […]

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Following poignant gallery show on the King Soopers shooting, Museum of Boulder ushers in hope of a new season with local painter Jennifer Hohlfelder

Jennifer Hohlfelder has lived many lives in her hometown of Boulder. The 56-year-old worked as a bookkeeper, a business owner and a salesperson before picking up a paintbrush and canvas in 2010. But it wasn’t until losing her last bookkeeping job at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, a year after Hohlfelder’s first public exhibition, […]