Our flagship community-based sponsorship program, Community Leaders, is designed to be a partnership between your business or organization and the Boulder Reporting Lab. It is being launched in early February.

Positioning your business as a BRL Community Leader will allow us to expand local news coverage on undercovered topics that matter to our community. It will allow you to be recognized within the community for your support of quality, non-partisan local journalism that aims to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Under the program, we use funding from Community Leaders to report important and compelling stories across specific topics that otherwise would not be told. We credit the sponsor’s support as the reason these stories exist.

We are committed to working closely with each local business and organization to create a beneficial Community Leaders sponsorship experience that connects your business to our fast-growing readership. Sponsorship opportunities as a Community Leader will include: display banners and exclusive branding on our website and newsletters, and more.

To find out how your business can be featured on the Boulder Reporting Lab and become a Community Leader, email BRL publisher Stacy Feldman: sponsorships@boulderreportinglab.org

Note: While our Community Leader partners support local news through this initiative, they have zero influence over the editorial content in the topics they sponsor as a part of this program.