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🛴 E-scooter expansion citywide

The Monday after Thanksgiving, Boulder, and so begins the final push to the end of the year. I hope your…

🎂 BRL’s one-year anniversary!

Good morning, Boulder. Today is a monumental day.  Today is our one-year anniversary. We wouldn’t be here without you –…

📷 Capturing life lived outside

Happy Friday, Boulder, and here we are. And here’s the news. Today, John Herrick covers the Lived Experience Exhibition at…

📚 Library district approved. Now what?

Good Wednesday to you, Boulder. I hope you’re doing well. Today, John Herrick breaks down the implications of the library…


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Other news

Can A.I. help detect Boulder County’s next wildfire? We may soon find out.

Algorithms are scanning for smoke in Boulder County. Part of a six-month trial period, Boulder is seeing how three cameras, backed by artificial intelligence, can help fire districts manage their fire-prone landscapes. Made by a company called Pano AI, each camera cost $25,000. That initial investment includes the AI system,…

Nuevos datos sugieren que la disparidad de suspensiones entre los estudiantes latinos de Boulder High es la mayor en BVSD

Para entender mejor las disparidades históricas entre las tasas de castigo de diferentes grupos raciales y étnicos, el Distrito Escolar del Valle de Boulder (BVSD, por sus siglas en inglés) publicó un tablero informativo que proporciona la perspectiva más detallada hasta ahora de cómo el problema se está desarrollando en…


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