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Boulder Reporting Lab is committed to accuracy and transparency in all we do. We will respond promptly to any claim that we have presented an inaccurate fact. If you believe that any part of our reporting, writing or social media includes statements that are inaccurate, please request a correction by sending an email to corrections@boulderreportinglab.org. Our editorial team will carefully review every potential inaccuracy and decide whether to issue a correction, clarification or other modification.

Factual errors will be noted below the corrected version of the published story. Substantive corrections will be noted at the top of the corrected version of the story. Errors on social networks will be corrected on the platform.

We also sometimes run clarifications when a story contains imprecise wording or information that causes confusion and/or requires additional explanation. These decisions are all made by our editorial team on a case-by-case basis.