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‘Give us space to see each other’: Boulder High students take action to address mental health crisis with new arts initiative

Last year, Taylor Robinson, a Boulder High School junior, was struggling. Robinson was a freshman when the pandemic shutdown happened, and when it was time to return to school in-person, they became extremely overwhelmed and anxious. “I have watched friends and classmates and peers go through very similar things and struggle to ask for help, […]

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What Gov. Jared Polis’ housing plan could mean for Boulder, his hometown

On Wednesday, March 22, Gov. Jared Polis stood in front of the Colorado Capital to announce new legislation that would practically outlaw single-family zoning in cities across the state.  “We’re at a real fork in the road in Colorado,” Polis said, flanked by dozens of lawmakers, business leaders, environmental advocates and other community members. He […]

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City of Boulder’s plan to create pedestrian-friendly streets would keep West Pearl open to cars

As spring arrives and the outdoor dining season nears, city officials want to keep West Pearl open to cars, despite survey data showing most residents seem to prefer the street without them.  The recommendation is part of a plan for creating “sustainable, inclusive, bike- and pedestrian-friendly” downtown streets, known as the Downtown Streets as Public […]

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‘Upping the game for community’: How these five Boulder restaurants have managed to stay relevant (or at least open) amid endless change

Boulder residents love their food. The local restaurant scene took off in the 1990s, and by the early 2000s, the city began seeing the start of what would become a farm-to-table movement defining the way Boulderites eat out.    In 2010, a Bon Appetit article named Boulder the “foodiest” town in America, calling the city “a […]

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A sculpture to commemorate King Soopers tragedy was lost in the Marshall Fire. A new one is now slated for installation.

On March 22, 2021, Scott Osborne, an artist from South Boulder, was working on a sculpture at his studio when he heard sirens. It was the sound of first responders heading to King Soopers, where a gunman had shot and killed 10 people inside the supermarket.  At the time, he was creating a steel structure […]

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Boulder may ban cars from making right turns at some red lights, among other changes, to reduce traffic crashes

In an effort to make the City of Boulder’s streets safer, transportation officials are planning to reengineer its busiest intersections, where the largest share of traffic crashes occur.  Such changes could include adjusting traffic signals to give pedestrians and cyclists a head start when crossing the road and prohibiting right turns on red at certain […]

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‘Entering a new zone’: Boulder’s all-volunteer mountain rescue group expands operations as calls for help increase

Last week, a snowboarder got lost near the Caribou Townsite near Nederland. He was rescued after running in place through the night to stay warm. Forty people from 13 agencies worked for 12 hours to successfully locate the man. One of the main groups involved was the nonprofit rescue group that serves Boulder County, Rocky […]

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In an effort to combat Boulder’s housing crisis, city councilmembers want to allow more people to live together

The Boulder City Council on Thursday directed city planners to begin drafting an ordinance to lift the city’s legal limits on how many unrelated people can live together, its latest attempt to combat the city’s longstanding housing shortage.  City officials will propose revisions to Boulder’s decades-old occupancy law to increase the number of unrelated people […]