Happy Veterans Day, Boulder. To those who have served, thanks for enabling our freedom of the press along with other rights we enjoy — like voting. Here’s more election news.

As ballot counters continue counting ballots, most contests have enough of a gap to call with confidence. These races have remained, mostly, as I reported here on Wednesday (and as John Herrick reported in his story that is still being updated with results). The library district measure, however, has decided to make me look like a fool. It’s swinging the other way.

For stories today, John Herrick has a couple election follow-ups. One covers the CU South referendum failure and its proponents who are unlikely to give up just yet. The second discusses the shift to even-year city council elections, a change that could give progressives a leg up in local politics for years to come.

Also, as a brief history fact, on this day in 1918, World War I ended, which is why other countries are celebrating today as Armistice Day. For those interested, there’s a new film on the topic — based on a 1929 novel that was banned and burned in Nazi Germany — called All Quiet on the Western Front available to stream. It’s about WWI, and grim, but thought-provoking.

Have a lovely weekend.

— Tim, reporter

What to know today

Sunny but chilly: In the 30s today with sun, followed by a weekend of some clouds with temps in the 40s. Only the slightest chance of moisture shows for Sunday.

Library district now leaning the other way: In Wednesday’s newsletter, I said “No library district just yet,” because at that point it looked like the district might fail. Now the measure is leaning towards passing (52% in favor, 48% against) and a district forming. For my premature declaration — albeit a wishy-washy one caveated with “though still too close to confirm” — I do apologize.

  • What we can confirm: The measure to move Boulder’s elections to even years will pass. The measure to repeal the CU South annexation agreement appears very likely to fail. More on both in our top stories below.

Also, maybe still wine in grocery stores: Another instance of my overconfidence in early results. On Wednesday, I said Coloradans wouldn’t enjoy Trader Joe’s three buck chuck, yet we might still. Hopefully I learn from my mistake. As of this writing, with 92% of the vote in, the measure is pretty much 50/50. The other alcohol measures — delivery and more liquor licenses — are almost assured no’s.

Psychedelics and Affordable Housing also still too close to call: Both statewide measures are leaning towards passing, but both are within distance of flipping. Just over a percent separates the affordable housing proponents from its detractors. Magic mushrooms have a little more wiggle room, but not much.

School lunches for all: Proposition FF, which would fund free school lunches for all Colorado students, passed with 55% of the vote. The measure will hopefully ensure students in our state get the nutrients needed for learning, funded by fewer tax deductions for our state’s wealthiest.

Wealthiest get a tax break: Coloradans voted to cut income taxes through passing measure 121 by 65%. The cut will most benefit those making over $1 million. Voters also passed proposition GG, which ensures tables showing the tax impact of future propositions are on future ballots. If such a table had accompanied FF, who knows what the outcome would have been.

Tracey Bernett in a bind: Bernett, a Democrat who represents House District 12, won reelection while facing charges for allegedly not living where she said she did. She allegedly changed her address from a 4,000-square-foot house in Longmont to a 700-square-foot apartment in Louisville before running for reelection.

  • The impetus came after 2021 redistricting moved her Longmont address into House District 19, a more conservative district that would have been tougher to win.
  • But as of 11:00 p.m. last night, Jennifer Lea Parenti, a Democrat who’s trying to unseat Republican Dan Woog in District 19, is ahead by 986 votes.

Covid hospitalizations on the rise: The number of new Covid hospital admissions per 100,000 people in Boulder County over a seven-day total is 13.4. That has triggered a shift in the county’s community risk level, from low to medium. “The shift to medium levels signals a higher risk of COVID infection, and county residents should take precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy,” Boulder County Public Health said.

  • “Colder temperatures and the holiday season mean more people are spending time together indoors in larger groups. COVID-19 is increasing, as are pediatric respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections, and flu season is only getting started,” said Carol Helwig of Boulder County Public Health. “Getting vaccinated, including a COVID-19 booster and a flu shot, is the best way to keep our community healthy…and ease the burden on our already stressed hospitals.”

Parents be cautious of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): After the rise in RSV, particularly in children and infants younger than 2, Boulder County Public Health is encouraging caution to parents. The county has put out tips on how to prevent the spread and keep your child safe, but much of the tidbits are the same as any illness: Stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands and cover your cough.

  • “The significant jump in reported RSV cases throughout Colorado, including in schools and child care facilities, is causing additional pressure on our already stressed health care system,” said Helwig. “Boulder County families can take simple steps to keep themselves and those around them healthy—stay home if you are sick, regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water, and cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze.”

City of Boulder Veterans Day closures: Some City of Boulder facilities will be closed today for Veterans day, including administrative facilities, public libraries and Age Well Centers. But rec centers will remain open, so will parks, Flatirons golf course, and the rez.

Eldora opens today: As though to contrast Boulder’s closures, Eldora announced it’s opening today, a week before they said they would. So if you’ve got work off for the holiday and you like to ski, now you can ski on your day off. “Thanks for connecting those dots, Tim,” said a real reader*. “You’re so helpful.”

*no one said that.

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🎬 New Warren Miller at Boulder Theater: Tonight and through the weekend, the Boulder Theater will be showing the newest Warren Miller ski and board video. For those who love the winter pastime, it’s a surefire way to boost excitement for the coming season.

Covid in Boulder County: Nov. 11, 2022

  • 69 daily new cases (7-day avg.) ⬆️ Up 33% over preceding 7-day avg.
  • 18 patients hospitalized with Covid (7-day avg.) ⬆️ Up from a high of 12 last week.
  • 71% percent of ICU is occupied. ⬆️ Up from avg. of 64% since July 2020.


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