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About Comprise

Your audience consumes digital media everyday, but this hasn’t always been the case. Before personal computers, smartphones and other advances in technology unlocked the ability to access, store, modify and share digital media and put it in the hands of billions of people, the communications industry still relied on traditional media. Today, there are numerous ways to connect with a highly mobile and fragmented audience. Founded in 1991 as one of the nation’s first technology public relations firms, Comprise shepherded public relations, marketing and creative services through this transition. Whether you’re looking for earned media opportunities, a visually appealing website or social media management, we develop and execute communications strategies for clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to venture-backed startups.

Based in the nation’s heart of new technology and business innovation in Boulder, we’ve thrived by adapting to opportunities, and setting best-practice standards at every stage of the communications revolution. We guide and serve clients in a world where buyers, sellers and investors connect through a mix of traditional media, social networks and word-of-mouth. By combining the messaging with the math, we’re multiplying our clients’ media coverage through an integrated fusion of PR, content, social media, SEO, web design and creative. This is the new open agency of the future, where a highly qualified team achieves collaborative resonance within markets, news and trends across the country and around the world.

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The Services We Offer to Move Your Business Forward

A full-service public relations and digital marketing firm, Comprise is what PR and marketing should be. We excel at listening to our clients and creating unique service solutions tailored to their individual needs. We collaborate with our clients to develop targeted public relations tactics and techniques that work hand in hand with their marketing objectives to connect companies, customers and investors through traditional media, social networks and word-of-mouth. Whatever your business’ objectives are, our integrated PR, content marketing, digital tactics, web design and creative services propel companies forward. From relationship-building, content development and strategy to SEO, design, webinar and video production and social media, we understand how to multiply our clients’ media coverage to make the impressions that matter.


With attention spans and newsrooms shrinking, connecting with the correct reporter, editor or blogger is more challenging (and important) than ever. Comprise’s public relations service specializes in influencing, engaging and cultivating relationships with key stakeholders across platforms to tell the stories that matter to the right audience at the right time. Our research-driven approach ensures we’re able to anticipate, analyze and interpret how public opinion will shape stories, earning coverage that moves our clients’ business forward.

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Webinar Production

Putting in the time to develop a high-quality webinar when you’re focused on building a company can become close to impossible. But with webinars becoming a primary way to engage with customers, executing a professional, informative and lead-generating online session is essential. Driven by an Emmy® Award-winning TV news producer, Comprise will fill any technical gaps so that you can focus on the content and communicating your message. Our approach ultimately helps organizations deliver a best-in-class webinar experience that helps build and extend their brand.

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As the modern media landscape shifts, online publications, trade magazines and blogs all have a significant need for content, and contributed articles and expert commentary help to fill pages and promote fresh material on social media. We understand these challenges and develop solid content that engages targeted audiences and educates consumers about a product or service they may not have considered otherwise. Our “research, execution, iteration and analysis” approach to content development enables us to craft unique stories that lead to optimal outcomes, whether that’s top-tier media coverage, investment opportunities or increased sales.

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Effective strategic plans help organizations meet the goals they’ve set out for themselves. They define the nature, direction and value system of an organization. At Comprise, we first identify our clients’ goals and objectives, then we create and execute customized, strategic messaging efforts that help clients reach targeted outcomes. We are acclaimed for creating and executing strategic messaging efforts that employ various tactics — including traditional PR, sponsored content, digital, design, advertising and social media efforts — to create conversations and effective outreach campaigns that drive results.


What would we do without search engines that answer our most pressing questions? Search engines rank web pages and other content based on what is considered most relevant to users. To capture the attention of people who begin their decision-making process with an online query, you must ensure your website content can and will be found by search engine algorithms. At Comprise, we understand proper SEO requires strategy and management. We ensure content is accessible and readable but also that sites perform at top speed, don’t have any broken links and have copy that uses appropriate relevant keywords and phrases.

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While a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, countless companies are evaluated by the design of their branding, website, email newsletters, virtual backgrounds, brochures and more. When making a first impression, it’s important your company leverages memorable design solutions across a broad range of communication platforms to drive results. Our expertise lies in building visually appealing websites that meet our clients’ communications and business objectives across all devices. Plus, our creative team also specializes in modern graphic design because good design is good for business. At Comprise, when we do design work, we mean business — your business.

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Social Media

Much like SEO, social media management requires strategy and organization. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it process because the world of social media is constantly evolving. At Comprise, we’ve been integrating social media — from the most popular communities to our clients’ own blogs and podcasts — into complete communications programs since 2005. Consequently, we understand social media’s importance when it comes to reaching our clients’ audiences and strengthening their brands.


Experts agree that video content is significantly more effective — and more memorable — than other types of content. In fact, 81% of businesses today use video as a marketing tool, yet many of them continue employing an outdated approach and wonder why they aren’t seeing positive results. At Comprise, we recognize that production styles have evolved, new distribution channels are emerging and engagement is blossoming. We’re prepared to produce video content that increases your exposure and bolsters your bottom line while meeting the ever-evolving needs of today’s audiences.