Paul Tweedlie grew up in Scotland and moved to Boulder in 2000. He most recently worked as a software engineer for Anark, a Boulder-based software company. He has since retired and has said he is mostly growing vegetables. He claims to be the best fisherman in Boulder.

Answers to questionnaire:

What do you think are the most promising initiatives for reducing homelessness?

City Council’s passing of the Police Master Plan was a great step forward. [Editor’s note: The Boulder City Council has endorsed the city’s “reimagining policing plan,” which seeks to focus more on crime prevention and less on reacting to crime.]

We are in a climate emergency. With your leadership, how would Boulder change commensurately?

Climate change issues are of the utmost importance to so many in our town and so often Boulder has led the nation in finding innovative solutions to energy production. There are many directions in which we may decide to go but we have to be careful — it’s easy to break eggs without making an omelet. To help guide our efforts, we need to listen to experts: climate scientists, engineers, city planners and professionals at local power companies.

How can we better provide alternatives to cars when existing infrastructure prioritizes cars?

I’m encouraged by the city’s e-bike and e-scooter programs and by our increased investment in public transport.

What is your plan for increasing Boulder’s affordable housing supply?

The city should follow the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan and annex the 600 acres of land in the Planning Reserve and encourage the development of low-income housing.

What approach would you take to address camping in our parks, on our bike paths and along our waterways?

We need to enforce our laws. A first misdemeanor gets you a ticket and a fine. If you don’t pay your fine, you go to jail.

Assume you are elected this November. Now imagine it’s November one year later. What one, specific thing will you have accomplished that you’re proud of? Put another way, what will define success for you after one year on council, or as mayor?

I want to see families thrive in Boulder. I propose significant property tax rebates for seniors and families with children.

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