Unlike just about every city in the state, Boulder has not outright opposed the landmark Colorado land-use bill, SB-213. And on Thursday, a majority of councilmembers took the official position of “Support While Asking for Amendments.”

Earlier this week, the bill’s sponsors amended the proposed legislation to scale back some of its more controversial provisions in order to win necessary votes from Senate Democrats. The bill would no longer ban single-family zoning in cities like Boulder, except in certain areas, for instance. The sponsors also rolled back provisions that sought to increase housing density and prohibit minimum parking requirements.

But what hasn’t changed is a provision that would bar cities from imposing occupancy limits that cap the number of unrelated people who can live together. A majority of councilmembers said on Thursday that they want the city to lobby against that provision in order to maintain Boulder’s ability to enforce occupancy limits based on family status.

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