Gov. Jared Polis signed four gun bills into law on April 28, 2023. Three of the laws were sponsored by Boulder lawmakers: a three-day waiting period for gun sales, expansion of the “red flag” law, and a measure that makes it easier to sue gun manufacturers.

“Waiting periods are a necessary buffer when someone in a crisis wants a gun to cause harm to themselves or others,” Rep. Judy Amabile, a Democrat from Boulder, said in a news release. “My son’s life was spared because his background check was delayed when he went to our local gun store. To this day, he is grateful that he didn’t have instant access to a firearm at that moment. I’m confident that this legislation will help save other Colorado lives from senseless and preventable gun death.”

In the wake of the signing, Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, a Democrat from Longmont, said Colorado’s laws have shielded the gun industry “from accountability and needed to be changed … This new law will level the playing field by removing those extra protections and allowing legitimate lawsuits to move forward, ensuring the gun industry is no longer given special treatment and improving gun violence survivors’ ability to seek the justice they deserve.”

In the City of Boulder, buyers must wait 10 days after starting a background check before they take the gun home. The city council passed the law nearly a year ago as part of a broader reform package. At that same time, Boulder and other local governments passed an assault weapons ban. RMGO sued them, and the case is pending in federal court.

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