Jennifer Livovich, who resigned last month from the nonprofit she founded, Feet Forward, is planning to launch a new organization to provide a wider range of support services for homeless people.

The organization, Streetscape Peer Support Services and Outreach, will not replicate Feet Forward, Livovich said. Instead, she said, Streetscape will provide “progressive peer support programming.”

The first tier of the program will include providing free meals and hygiene items to homeless people at a to-be-determined location. These events will likely be smaller than those hosted by Feet Forward, Livovich said. (Feet Forward provides food, clothing and other services at the Boulder Bandshell on Tuesday afternoons.)

People who remain engaged with the program will have access to higher-level services, Livovich said. This will include free clothing, help getting identification or other documents, and support applying for a housing voucher or enrolling in mental health or substance use treatment.

Livovich, who was homeless in Boulder from 2012 to 2017, said she and others with lived experience will lead the organization. She said most of the people helping with Feet Forward have agreed to join her new organization. 

“We can explain the housing process in a non-bureaucratic way,” she told Boulder Reporting Lab.

Livovich said the program will also help people stay in their home. Those who participate in the program could also become volunteers or get training to do peer recovery coaching. “It’s a full cycle,” Livovich said. 

The plan is to hold a fundraiser in July and begin providing services by the end of that month, she said.

In May, Livovich told the board members of Feet Forward she was resigning. One of the reasons, she said, was the organization’s participation in a lawsuit that seeks to halt enforcement of the city’s camping ban. A majority of the Feet Forward board members wanted to remain as a plaintiff in the controversial case. Livovich did not.

“It became apparent over the past year that the lawsuit does nothing to help my life work of providing peer support, navigation services, and barrier-free pathways to stability, including housing,” she wrote to board members. “In fact, the lawsuit was detracting from that mission.”

The lawsuit, filed in May 2022 by ACLU of Colorado, is pending in the Boulder County District Court.

Darren O’Connor, a board member for Feet Forward and member of the NAACP Boulder County, said the organization has hired an interim executive director, Gwen Farnsworth, and is still serving hot meals at the Boulder Bandshell on Tuesday afternoons.

Update: This post was updated at 2:15 p.m. on June 19 with additional information about the plans for the new organization.

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