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Golden West’s assisted living closure has left residents scattered across Colorado and beyond

Parachute, Colorado. Denver. Washington, D.C. Residents at Golden West’s assisted living center, which closed last week, have scattered across the state and even the country, severing ties with a community where many expected to live out their lives.  Golden West, a Boulder-based nonprofit, announced in January it was shutting down the assisted living home, located […]

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Nephew’s death spurs Madelyn Strong Woodley to help lead police reform efforts in Boulder County

When 21-year-old Cal State football star Ron Settles died in the custody of the Signal Hill Police Department in 1981, it lit a fire for his aunt Madelyn Strong Woodley.  Police said Settles hanged himself. But a coroner’s jury later found he died “at the hands of another.” Officers would admit to beating Settles during […]

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Want to say goodbye to your thirsty Boulder lawn? ‘Garden in a Box’ offers native grasses that use half the water

For those who survived the Marshall Fire — either losing their home or sustaining significant damage — a free lawn replacement is now available from a local nonprofit. But it isn’t just rebuilders who should consider grass alternatives. As Colorado water becomes more scarce, lawns are one of the easiest places to conserve.  Resource Central, […]

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‘Single-use equals trash now:’ Big changes are coming to composting in Boulder

The company that recycles compost for Boulder’s residents and businesses announced this week it will no longer accept many biodegradable products — including paper materials, tea bags, coffee filters, disposable cutlery and other items labeled as “compostable” — as part of its latest effort to crack down on contamination.  A1 Organics, which operates one of […]

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Marshall Fire recovery groups push for transparent wildfire mitigation ‘vision’ in Boulder County — for the mountains and plains

Boulder County ballot measure 1A passed overwhelmingly in November, promising to raise upwards of $11 million each year for fire mitigation efforts through a new sales tax. Now that it’s time to begin allocating the money, however, the measure’s vague language is providing a foothold for tension.  Broad priorities outlined in the measure included protecting […]

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‘Terrible situation to put students in:’ Active shooter report at Boulder High was fake ‘swatting’ call

This is a developing story.  Early morning on Wednesday, Feb. 22, Boulder High School went into lockdown as the Boulder Police Department reported a possible active shooter situation. Creeping up on noon there was still no firm confirmation from the department on whether or not a shooter had been in the school, but suspicions of […]